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Spare parts

Wear parts: Each machine is shipped with a set of wear parts (machine blade and belt).

Independent production of core parts: We produce the main parts of each machine with our own production and processing center, machine tools, milling machines, drilling and lathes.

Damaged parts supply: In the case of damaged or lost parts, we will send replacements upon request.


Dedicated to innovation of production technology, we manufacture the products with the latest technology to optimize functionality and efficiency. We improve the existing production lines with reference to the needs of customers, thus providing our customers with even better products over time.

Our engineering team consists of mechanical and electrical engineers and designers who develop the equipment with the latest design tools and procedures. Share your ideas with us, and our engineers will provide you with technical instructions.

On-site service

Our technical staff will provide customers in need with on-site support wherever customers may be. With the improvement of our service system, we respond to customer feedback in the shortest possible time to solve the problem immediately.

Our on-site services include:

1. Equipment installation, commissioning and inspection
Before shipment, we will complete a comprehensive inspection of the machine and monitor the installation of the system to ensure that the machine delivered to the customer can be immediately put into use. Our engineers will assist customers in commissioning, retrofitting kits and upgrades.

2. On-site training
We train customer technicians on the technical information of the equipment operations, improvement of machine performance, and instructions for safe operation.

After-sales service

Equipment warranty: 12 months with life-long after-sales service

Troubleshooting: In the case of machine failure, please immediately stop the machine and contact our business staff. Through whatsapp video chat, our technical staff will help to find and solve the problem.

Precautions for normal operation: Technical staff will teach and train customers for maintenance of the equipment before and after the daily operation.

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