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    1. 2~6 Line Box Facial Tissue Paper Making MachineOur fully automatic box paper towel production line produces high end facial tissue products. The production line carries out embossing, folding, counting, slitting, automatic adjustment and automatic sealing with a high degree of automation and precision.
    1. 5 Line Flat Box Facial Tissue Making MachineThe Hengxing HX-CS-190/5L drawing facial tissue machine shears the slit base paper with a knife roll, and interfolds the paper into overlapped rectangular facial tissue sheets.
    1. 10 Line Box Facial Tissue Paper MachineOur HX-CS-(180, 190, 200, 210) /10L facial towel machine shears the slit base paper with a knife roll, and the interfolds the paper into overlapped rectangular facial tissue sheets.
    1. Box Tissue Paper Making Machine LineFurnished with an independent servo motor drive, automatic scent spraying unit, electrostatic treatment system, safety door system, automatic shutdown device, automatic tension adjustment, electric correction of base paper function, automatic stacking and counting function.
    1. Automatic Pocket Paper Tissue Production LineAutomatic handkerchief production lines are designed for automatic folding and packaging of a variety of paper handkerchiefs with a production capacity of an outstanding 70-75 packs per minute.
    1. 2 Color Printing Embossing Napkin Tissue Paper Folding MachineThe two-color printing embossing napkin folding machine is an optimized piece of equipment to increase efficiency and output capacity. The slit jumbo rolls are printed, embossed and automatically folded into a square or rectangular-shaped napkin.
    1. Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Slitting Rewinding MachineThe jumbo roll slitting and rewinding machine is used to slit and rewind base paper into large toilet paper rolls for toilets in hotels, railway stations, and other public restrooms. The machine produces 180-200 meters of toilet tissue per minute.
    1. Kitchen Paper Towel, Toilet Tissue Roll Production LineWith PLC programming control, simple operation, and low noise, the automatic toilet paper roller and kitchen paper towel production line is a prime choice for toilet paper and kitchen towel manufacturers. This paper roll production line produces 180 meters of tissue per minute.
    1. Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Rewinding MachineOur fully automatic toilet paper roller and kitchen towel paper production line is a rewinding machine used for the production of toilet paper and paper towel at a working efficiency of 180 meters per minute.
    1. Kitchen Paper Roll, Toilet Tissue Roll Manufacturing MachineThe HX-SJA-1575 fully automatic toilet paper roller and paper towel production line consists of wallboard automatic rewinding machine, log accumulator, and automatic slitting machine. It converts the base paper into the finished tissue rolls.
    1. Kraft Paper Roll Winding MachineThe HX-JX-1575 roll core machine is used to rewind Kraft paper. The roll cores are then widely used in the production of tissue paper, plastic film and other textile materials.
    1. Kraft Paper Roll Cutting MachineThe HX-FQ-1092/1575 kraft paper cutting machine is used to slit kraft paper into the required width. It is suitable for strip rewinding, paper tube winding and packaging. Slitting speed is up to 80 meters per minute.
    1. Full Automatic Tissue Paper Soft Pack Packaging MachineThe fully automatic facial tissue multi-packing machine is designed automatically pack multiple bags of facial tissue bags into a single bag. It often works with single plastic bag packing machine in a production line.
    1. Facial Tissue Paper Packing MachinePlace the material paper on the front of the paper pushing cylinder, and insert the packaging bag mouth into the discharge port. After turning the machine on, paper is pneumatically driven to the packaging bag.
    1. Paper Tissue Roll Packing MachineOur multi-roll tissue packing machine is designed to automatically and simultaneously pack multiple toilet paper rolls. It uses a double channel log saw machine.

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