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About Us

Since the 1990's, Hengxin Paper Machinery Manufacturing has been offering a wide range of paper processing equipment for a number of different industrial applications. Some of our most popular products include our toilet paper rewinding machine, color glue lamination kitchen towel rewinding machine, box drawing paper machine, towel paper machine, napkin machine and handkerchief machine, and other related paper slitting and packaging devices. We also produce customized paper processing machines to meet the various needs of customers.

All of our paper processing machines are carefully engineered for outstanding efficiency and large output. Our core product line is our toilet paper machinery. These machines automatically carry out feeding of the base paper, embossing, punching, rewinding, glue application, and sealing all in one continuous process. Each toilet paper processing machine automatically counts the paper length and the finished products have a neat and easily stackable appearance. With a wall-mounted structure, the equipment features improved mechanical properties and divides the products into low to high grades. The ungraded paper machine increases production capacity from 10 rows to 14 rows. With perseverance and innovation, we continuously develop and research products, optimize machine operation, and improve technology to keep the company moving towards the future.

  • Drawing tissue production line
  • Tissue roll production machine
  • Automatic handkerchief production line
  • Kraft paper slitting machine

Customer service
We provide customers with professional pre-sales services, including customized machines (customized machine structure and brands of accessories), on-site analysis for installation, recommendation for raw material manufacturers, and reply to all questions. With our effective after-sales service, we assist clients with installation and commissioning of purchased equipment. We also arrange training for customers and solve any problems that may arise during use.

Factory tour

  • Raw materials
  • Spare parts processing
  • Equipment assembly
  • Spare parts warehouse
  • Machines for delivery

Why choose us?
With nearly 20 years of paper machinery manufacturing experience, we are dedicated to consistent improvement in machine quality. Our independently researched and developed machines com in new and traditional models. Each piece of equipment is under warranty for one year after purchase, and the high precision of the machine is ensured through the CNC machining center. Our skillful employees are devoted to developing new machines, so our product quality is guaranteed. Specialized production, comprehensive services, CE certification, and patent certificates ensure Hengxin's standing as a respected manufacturer of paper processing machinery.

Quanzhou Hengxin Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 30 Huaxing Road, Changtai Street, Licheng District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Contact: Fu Wenxin
Tel.: +86-595-22483608
Fax: +86-595-22458875
E-mail: info@hengxinmachine.com