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High Speed Kitchen Paper Towel, Toilet Paper Roll Rewinding Machine Line

The HX-SJZ-2800C automatic wrapper high speed toilet paper production line consists of a wallboard automatic rewinding machine, CR automatic paper wrapping machine, log accumulator, double channel large log saw and multi rolls packing machine. It converts the base paper into the finished tissue paper. The automatic mechanical production line is known for its stable operation, as well as its cost and labor saving performance. It is a preferred choice for the production of hygienic tissue rolls.

  • Machine
  • Log accumulator
  • Sensor
  • Packaging machine
  • Film roll machine
  • Large-orbit
  • Conveyer belt
  • Finished products
Technical parameters of high speed kitchen paper towel, toilet paper roll rewinding machine line
Model HX-SJZ-2800C wall type automatic toilet paper rewinding machine
Jumbo roll max width 2800mm (Other sizes can be specified)
Jumbo roll diameter Φ 1100mm(Other sizes can be specified)
Jumbo roll inner diameter 3 inches (76.2mm) (Other sizes can be specified)
Perforation distance 4 anvil blades(115mm) (Other sizes can be specified)
Finished product diameter Φ 80~ φ 140mm
Finished product core diameter φ 38~ φ 76mm
Production speed 0~180m/min
Program controller PLC(Delta)
Unwind stands 1 or 3 stands ( number of stands can be specified)
Pneumatic system 3HP air compressors, minimum pressure: 5kg/cm 2Pa (Provided by user)
Main power 14KW
Dimension 7000*3000*1900(L*W*H)
Weight about 5T
Jumbo roll layers 1 to 3 layer, 14~30gsm toilet tissue or kitchen tissue
Edge-line embossing(can be specified) Steel to steel (pneumatic control)
Embossment (can be specified) One set of embossing roll, steel to rubber. (double sets of embossing roll are optional.)
Voltage 380V 50HZ

Features of high speed kitchen paper towel, toilet paper roll rewinding machine line
1. The special machine for producing tissue roll and kitchen color glue lamination rolls uses a stable, low noise wallboard structure that features a high speed operation.
2. Adjustable punch spacing to meet different requirements.
3. An automatic paper tube replacement device automatically sends out the finished product after completing rewinding. Rewinding is immediately reset, and any paper tube can be adjusted in under a minute.
4. Automatic edge-trimming, glue spraying and sealing is synchronously in one process. By leaving 10-18mm of paper end, the machine reduces paper end loss and saves costs.
5. PLC programmable control, man-machine interface, and screen display of parameters fault
6. 4 pieces of low noise and high precision spiral knives achieve clear perforation. The gearbox has a large adjustment range
7. The machine uses a two-tier wallboard horizontal unreeling stand and pneumatic paper loading system. A pneumatic wide belt is used to send paper. Each roll of paper is equipped with an independent adjustment device.
8. Three horizontal back stands and a pneumatic loading system, when paired with wide driving flat belts can independently adjust each jumbo roll.
9. Front and rear inching switches drive the base paper, and it is easy and safe to operate.

Here are some single machines used in the kitchen and toilet towel production line:

Large Size Log Accumulator

Model HX-203 Log Accumulator
Log width 1750mm(Other sizes can be specified)
Log outer diameter Φ 95mm~ Φ 140mm
Log standings 150-160 logs
Accumulate speed 25 logs/min
Log amount 40-400 logs (need to be ordered)
Dimensions 4000*3000*5500mm (refer to specific dimensions)
Programming unit PLC (Delta )

Features of large size log accumulator
The HX-DHX-150 double channel log saw is used for cutting the toilet paper roll and paper towel roll. With a servo driving system, cyclotron frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC control and touch screen, a compact structure, neat design, accurate cutting, and a flat, smooth cutting section, the machine improves automation and efficiency of the production line and the stability of paper cutting.

Technical parameters of large size log accumulator
Model HX-DHX-150 Log Saw Machine(Double Channel)
Applicable jumbo roll maximum width 1750mm (Other size can be specified)
Applicable jumbo roll diameter Φ 105~ φ 115mm (Other sizes are specified)
Design paper cutting speed 120 cut/min
Stable production speed 100 cut/min
Knife sharpening system Pneumatic sharpening and adjustable sharpening interval
Driving system Delta servo motor
Power 11KW
Dimensions 6500*2500*2000mm (Other sizes refer to actual model and configuration)
Blade size φ 610*4.7 (mm)
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Weight About 4.5T

Automatic Wrapping Machine

The CR automatic log wrapper is used to seal packaging paper to the roll's surface. This version is new upgrade model. Its design is based on one of our own previous log wrapper models, and has been combined with new technological innovation techniques. The machine body is made of highly qualified steel, with a compact structure. Spare parts, such as the cylinder, and belt assist the machine and give it outstanding mechanical properties. This machine uses the Japanese Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC) for electrical control. It features a stable production, simple and convenient operation, and energy saving performance, making it an ideal choice for wrapping toilet paper and paper towel.

Technical parameters of automatic wrapping machine
Model HX-CR Automatic Log Wrapper
Packing roll paper diameter Φ90-Φ180mm
Packing roll paper length 1800-2900mm
Packing paper Roll paper perimeter 20mm
Production speed 8-10 log / min
Compressed air 2 ~ 3kgf/cm ²
Power supply 2 KW three-phase 380 V, 50 HZ
Weight 2 tons
Dimensions 5000mm * 2500mm* 1500mm(L*W*H)

Semi-Automatic Multiple Tissue Roll Packing Machine

Features of semi-automatic multiple tissue roll packing machine
The semi-automatic multiple roll packing machine works with a toilet paper rewinding machine. It is customizable, meaning it can be made to meet different market requirements. The roll packing machine is also easy to operate: insert the premade bag into the output hole, press the jog switch, and it will automatically put rolls into bag, all while cutting and sealing the tissue.

Technical parameters of semi-automatic multiple tissue roll packing machine
Speed 3-5 pack/min
Power 2KW 220V 50Hz
Air pressure 0.6 MPA (air compressor supplied by client)
Roll size Customizable
Packing way 4*6 rolls in each layer 48 rolls in total
Dimensions 4200*1880*1500 mm
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