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Box Tissue Paper Making Machine Line

The HX-CS190/7L box drawing facial tissue machine shears the slit base paper with a knife roll, and the interfolds the paper into overlapped rectangular facial tissue sheets. Furnished with an independent servo motor drive, automatic scent spraying unit, electrostatic treatment system, safety door system, automatic shutdown device, automatic tension adjustment, electric correction of base paper function, automatic stacking and counting function. The machine features high speed operation and precision folding. The equipment produces 2000-3000kg of facial tissues per 8 hour day.

Relevant equipment of box tissue paper making machine line

  • Single packaging machine
  • Single channel large roundabout slitter
  • Embossing roll
  • Operating screen
  • Vacuum pump

Features of box tissue paper making machine line
1. Separate servo drive of each unit adapts to base papers with various shrinkage ratios.
2. Wallboard machine rack ensures fast and stable operation.
3. With stepless speed ratio regulation, pneumatic unreeling stand automatically adjusts the tension of the base paper.
4. Vacuum pump adsorption system has a large suction intensity and smooth operation.
5. Simple and practical insertion point counting
6. Steel to steel side rolling embossment avoids lamination of double-layer tissues.
7. Automatic stop function for broken paper helps to avoid waste paper.
8. Inching switches for back and forth drive transmission of the base paper. It is safe and easy to operate.
9. Customized pneumatic embossing option

Technical parameters of box tissue paper making machine line
Model HX-CS-190/7Lmm
Products size 190X(120-210)±2mm
Products unfolded size 190X210±2mm
Base paper width 1400mm
Base paper diameter 1100mm
Base paper core inner diameter 76.2mm
Daily output (8 hours) 2000-3000Kg
Embossing unit Steel to steel, Steel to steel edge embossing; independent pneumatic regulation
Slitting unit Pneumatic slitting
Power Main motor 5.5KW
Base paper motor 1.5KW(2 sets)
Vacuum suction unit Draught fan 18.5KW
Pneumatic system 3 HP air compressors, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2PA
Drive system Timing belt
Dimension 7950X2500X1850mm
Weight 6.0T
Here are some single machines used in the tissue paper production line:

Tissue Paper Cutting Slitter

The large roundabout slitter is used for automatic and continuous cutting of folded and round rolls of tissue paper, such as a removable tissue paper or toilet tissue roll. The machine adopts servo drive technology and frequency control to enhance the stability of cutting paper and improves the cutting accuracy and neatness of the cutting section of the production line. Cutting length within the scope of the machine allows arbitrary adjustment. An automatic grinding wheel angle is fixed to ensure the quality of knife sharpening. The knife grinding unit is cooled by compressed air and can be equipped with special coolant.

Technical parameters of tissue paper cutting slitter
Item Parameter
Base paper length minimum 500mm
Product height 30~130mm
Machine speed 20~150cut/min
Operating speed 20~120cut/min
Circular blade outer diameter Φ610mm
Circular blade maximum cutting speed 980R/min
Finished products specification 70~300mm
Paper width 70~110mm
Cutting length 70~300mm
Off-cut length 20~65mm
Power 11KW
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Air source 0.5~0.8MPa
Dimensions 4600*1700*2500mm
Weight 2300~2600kg
Brake Parameter setting (auto/manual)
Stepping sharpening knife Parameter setting (auto)
Pneumatic sharpening knife Parameter setting (auto/manual)
Air blowing No
Total pressure switch No set value
Human-computer interface Optional (Delta)
Frequency converter Delta
Servo drive Delta

Paper Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Technical parameters of paper facial tissue packing machine
Specifications Description Note
Applicable packaged goods Shrink-pack facial tissue, hand towel, napkin tissue
Feeding mode ASF automatic feeding system five-stage intelligent flexible feeding mode
Designed operatng speed ≤ 80 pack/min ≤ 80 pack/min Related to package specification
Stable operating speed 65 pack / min 65 pack / min Related to package specification
Tissue length range (finished product) 120 mm- 210 mm Oversized tissues can be customized
Tissue height range(finished product) 40 mm- 100 mm
Tissue width range(finished product) 90 mm- 105 mm
Spare parts for size change 3 sets 3 sets Standard configuration and the accurate specifications set by the user
Machine size Length 4600 mm Width 3620 mm Height 1770 mm Standard size
Machine weight About 3000 KG
Packing material Double-sided heat sealing CPP film
Packaging film thickness 0. 04mm-0. 055mm
Maximum film diameter 400 mm Oversized film can be customized
Film core diameter 76mm In accordance with international standards
Maximum film width 340mm Oversized film can be customized
Compressed air Minimum air source pressure 5MPA Equipped by user
Power supply 380V/50HZ Following China's electric power standard
Total drive power 4.8 KW Sum of main motor power, servo motor power, variable speed motor power
Total heating power 4.6 KW Sum of side seal heating power and end seal heating power
Applicable voltage variation +/-10% In accordance with national standards
I/O input 24VDC Electrical control system control circuit input
I/O output 24VDC Electrical control system control circuit output
Operation and control mode Three-axis servo and axle positioning control The electronic cam motion curve
Main drive mode 20crmnti mechanical cam and electronic cam drive
Machine color and technology Gray, electrostatic spraying and baking finish The international color card RAL7032
Film packing format Three-dimensional wrap Packaging film lap seal and flat side seal
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