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10 Line Box Facial Tissue Paper Machine

Our HX-CS-(180, 190, 200, 210) /10L facial towel machine shears the slit base paper with a knife roll, and the interfolds the paper into overlapped rectangular facial tissue sheets. Furnished with an independent servo motor drive, automatic scent spraying unit, electrostatic treatment system, safety door system, automatic shutdown device, automatic tension adjustment, electric correction of base paper function, automatic stacking and counting function. The machine features high speed operation and precision folding. The equipment produces 4000-5000kg of facial tissues per 8 hour day.

Technical parameters of 10 line box facial tissue paper machine
Model HX-CS-190/10L
Products size 95X(120-210) ±2mm
Products unfolded size 190X(120-210) ±2mm
Base paper width 2000mm
Base paper diameter 1100mm-1500mm
Base paper core inner diameter 76.2mm
Daily output (8 hours) 4000Kg-5000kg
Embossing unit Steel to rubber roll, steel to steel roll (Customer determines the embossing unit )
Edge embossing Steel to steel edge embossing, independent pneumatic regulation
Slitting unit Pneumatic slitting (customized)
Power 5.5KW Main motor, servo motor
3.0KW(2 sets) Base paper motor, variable frequency motor
3.7KW(2 sets) Embossing roll motor, servo motor
2.2KW Color printing, servo motor
Vacuum System 37KW, Taiwan longtie Roots blower
Pneumatic System 3 air compressors, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2PA
Driving System Timing belt
Dimensions 10500X2800X2050mm
Weight 10.0T-12.0T (refer to actual weight according to various models and configuration)

Features of 10 line box facial tissue paper machine
1. Separate servo drive of each unit adapts to base papers with various shrinkage ratios.
2. Wallboard machine rack ensures fast and stable operation.
3. With stepless speed ratio regulation, pneumatic unreeling stand automatically adjusts the tension of the base paper.
4. Vacuum pump adsorption system has a large suction intensity and smooth operation.
5. Simple and practical insertion point counting
6. Steel to steel side rolling embossment avoids lamination of double-layer tissues.
7. Automatic stop function for broken paper helps to avoid waste paper.
8. Inching switches for back and forth drive transmission of the base paper. It is safe and easy to operate.

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